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Bonanza, formerly known as 1000 Markets, is an online marketplace that gives sellers the opportunity to list and sell their handmade items and crafts. Signing up is easy; all you have to do is click on the “Sell on Bonanza” tab found on the top left side of the homepage and then the “add or edit items”. On this page, you would be able to give your booth a name, choose your preferred mode of payment, advertise your booth, and import (from Craigslist or eBay) your products to be sold. After these steps, you can list goods that you want to sell. The description of the item includes a title, picture, price, category, item details, and shipping options. Listing items on Bonanza is free, and commissions are only paid when you sell an item.


In addition, the design and format of the website is pleasant that you no longer have to worry that you would miss the perfect item or get barraged with unwanted sales. It is amazingly simple. For instance, if you are searching for antique jewelry, you simply click that particular category and another neat-looking page will load with photo layouts (with corresponding prices). All sellers have a feedback score, as well as their own policies regarding payment, shipping, etc.


Another great thing about Bonanza is that you can chat with a buyer or seller in real time and make an inquiry about the item they are selling. Bonanza holds true to their slogan “everything but the ordinary”. The products you will find on the website are not those usual, commercially produced ones you can purchase in another online store; all of them are interesting and unique.


Keep in mind, though, that not all items being sold in Bonanza are affordable; however, different sellers offer discount sales, and with countless of options, you are certain to find a bargain, or at least splurge on a certain item. Bonanza is a like a flea market, where you search for things you know you need while coming across those you had no clue were perfect for you.


The following are some of the items for sale on the website:




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