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If you are fond of earrings, necklaces, rings, and other jewelry, particularly handmade ones, then you will surely love Novica, an online artisan marketplace where buyers can get a hold of the most unique jewelry and gifts anywhere.


Working together with National Geographic, Novica offers a wide selection of more than 2,000 master artisans’ work from around the globe to give you a single location to purchase without having to travel. The website has an amazing collection of items that you simply won’t find anywhere else, and every piece for sale comes with its own story, as well as details about the country where it originated.


Novica allows buyers to find the ideal gift or hard-to-find item due to the website’s instinctive search functionality. As opposed to other websites being stressful to shop at because of the various unorganized options, Novica has truly wonderful categories and subcategories, enabling buyers to easily and quickly browse through the plethora of items for sale and find the right one. You can see the photos and descriptions of items listed on each page, including profiles of artists whom you will be purchasing the piece from. This feature provides buyers an exceptional shopping experience.


Novica Live is another cool feature of the website. It is an excellent resource if you want to become a consultant, host a party, or just learn more about the offerings of their artisans.


So, if you are searching for unique and handcrafted items, décor, gifts, etc., Novica is the online store to visit.


The categories listed on the website are Home Décor (with subcategories, such as area rugs, furniture, home décor, mirrors, vases, and many more), Jewelry and Apparel, Paintings, and Special Features (with subcategories, like Valentine’s Day gifts, gift cards, gifts for mom, gifts for dad, corporate gifts,  and wedding collection, just to name a few).


Some of the items being sold at the Novica website are:




Vanessa Ravenswood is a home furnishing / interior décor fanatic and online shopaholic! She is at her happiest when she is surrounded by creative, colorful and inspirational products (works of art!), well that, a comfortable couch and her 6 month old bischon fries. No matter where you are in the world, you she is a strong believer everyone needs a place to decorate and relax. Visit my Google + Profile

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