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ShopHandmade is an eco-friendly online handmade marketplace that supports living handmade, as well as recycling craft materials, with a portion of each sale they make going towards protecting 25 sq. ft. of rainforest, and they are encouraging both buyers and sellers to do the same.


The website has classified products into popular categories, such as Shop by Market, Shop All Cards, and Shop for Sale Items. It also has outstanding standard search functionality; just type in the phrase or keyword you are searching for and a thought bubble will appear, with thumbnails of products consistent with the search, even before you click on the search icon.


You can keep yourself updated with the latest sales and news by signing up to one of the 5 email newsletters of ShopHandmade – News, Sales, Promos, Stores, and Biggies.


ShopHandmade is absolutely free to join; meaning, as a seller, you can have your handmade products listed and sold without having to pay a commission or listing fee. This is made possible by sponsors. Rather than charging sellers a commission or listing fee, every page has a different online company sponsorship. In the future, there may be a change in this scheme, so it is recommended to grab the opportunity now while it is free. The only drawback, maybe due to the site being free, is that seller features are extremely restricted. Your shop can be customized by writing an interesting introduction for your shop, uploading a banner, and establishing a blog via ShopHandmade, but it has no shop analytics, leaving you with no way to monitor the most excellent keywords or phrase to incorporate in the text of your shop or track your shop’s visitors.


While based in WA, ShopHandmade has sellers from all over the world promoting handmade items in their website. Due to the sellers being diverse, the choices are also varied. You can find a lot of things here, from crocheted beanies to digital scrapbooking materials to handmade Christmas knick-knacks.


Here are some of the items sold on ShopHandmade:





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