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Another Etsy-like website, Silkfair allows artisans to sell their creations on the website. You can build your own shop, choose a plan for pricing, add items, and then start the selling process. This website offers a free 14-day trial, after which there is a fee of $7.99 to $24.99 per month, depending on your desired features.


Silkfair has a deep focus on unique, handmade, and one-off items. The website has cool categories, such as personalized, eco-friendly, and vintage, and it offers a unique method to showcase your goods. You can build your own branded and personalized web store, known as a Custom Shop, where you can sell your products in, or you can choose to sell them in a Market Shop, a marketplace environment of sort.


It is also extremely user-friendly for sellers and buyers alike. Due to the website’s amazing content management system, buyers will more than likely spend copious amounts of time interacting with your shop and browsing through your product listings, while sellers will minimize time spent adding and managing goods. The website has some innovative and useful functionality as well, such as a color browser which enables buyers to look for products based on specific colors (this is great for business owners who are searching for merchandise that go well with the brand of their company and brides who are looking for products to complement their wedding motif) and a video app that sellers can utilize to showcase their merchandise in superb detail.


Setting up either a Market Shop or Custom Shop, as well as listing your items is free. The fee for the final sale is 3% of the price (this does not include shipping and handling or sales tax) of every item sold in either of the shop.


All sellers get a Market Shop that shows up in the Silkfair marketplace, and it is free, while the Custom Shop has a shop subscription fee of $24.99 per month; however, this opt-in feature in only optional and comes with a risk-free trial period.


Here are just some of the items that are available on Silkfair:


purse sequin


Vanessa Ravenswood is a home furnishing / interior décor fanatic and online shopaholic! She is at her happiest when she is surrounded by creative, colorful and inspirational products (works of art!), well that, a comfortable couch and her 6 month old bischon fries. No matter where you are in the world, you she is a strong believer everyone needs a place to decorate and relax. Visit my Google + Profile

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